Monta Tupčijenko

composer, band leader,

singer, storyteller

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Monta Tupčijenko is a composer, band leader, singer and storyteller. When she closes her eyes and looks at an empty note sheet, above the skyscrapers, beyond the big city lights, behind the concert halls she sees nature in all its beauty, and nature gives her hope large enough to dare and act.

Born in Latvia, lived in Estonia, Norway, the Netherlands, and now residing in Germany, Monta writes harmonically saturated polyphonic music with folk, classical and jazz influences. With a strong experience in bandleading, singing and writing lyrics, Monta has been composing music for solo piano, choirs, a capella groups, jazz bands and orchestras, big bands and large crossover ensembles. As versatile as her music is, Monta is open to any creative collaborations you can offer, especially interested in singing and composing for large ensemble forms.

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“an intricate combination of jazz,

new age, contemporary classical,

and traditional folk music”

Brush Stroke Silhouette



and arrangements

for various instrumentations

and musical genres:

Jazz Music

big band

(Subway Jazz Orchestra,

Folkwang Jazz Orchestra,

Jazzkombinat Hamburg)

Jazz groups

(Jazz trios, Large Ensembles)

Choir and Acapella

Gospel Choir

Female Choir

(Latvian Female Choir "Jumara")

Brush Stroke Paint

a capella arrangements

(Female Quartet "Vocalights")

Classical Music

solo Piano

Classical piano trio

(Phoenix Ensemble)

It Feels Like There

Wasn't Enough Time

A composition for solo piano written in 2014.

Performed by Siu Tin Chi.

Ģērbies, saule, sudrabota

All In

A composition written in 2021 and in 2023

arranged for rhythm section and 10 horns.

Played by Maxim Burtsev, Caris Hermes, Jonas Grätzer- rhythm section;

Florian Raepke, Fabian Schneider - trumpets,

Philipp Schitekk, Paul Lüpfert - trombones,

Julius van Rhee, Kristof Dömötör,

Tim Köhler - saxophones.

A latvian folk song "Ģērbies, saule sudrabota"

("Dress up, sun, in silver") arranged for big band

in 2023.

Played by Maxim Burtsev, Caris Hermes,

Jonas Grätzer- rhythm section;

Florian Raepke, Fabian Schneider - trumpets,

Philipp Schitekk, Paul Lüpfert - trombones,

Julius van Rhee, Kristof Dömötör, Tim Köhler - saxophones.

Happy Together

"Happy Together" written by Kalle Kalima and.

arranged by Monta Tupčijenko for large ensemble consisting:

Clarinet Bb, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone / Clarinet Bb, Flute, Tenor Saxophone / Bass Clarinet / Bassoon

Trumpet, Flugelhorn / Trombone

Harp / Jazz Guitar / Synthesizer / Piano / Double Bass / Drums / Percussion

Violin 1, 2 / Viola 1, 2

The composition was played and recorded live

at the Jazz Hall Hamburg on November 25, 2023..

© Klinta Kalneja


Current projects: is selected as one of the four composers for the Berlin Youth Jazz Orchestra (BJJO) project

“Spot on Female/Flinta* Composers”, participating in “European Composers Vol.2” with “Subway Jazz Orchestra”, releasing “All In” single arranged for a big band and performed by “Jazzkombinat Hamburg”, composing for female vocal quartet “Vocalights”, performing her own original music with “HfMT Bigband” in Hamburg and composing for the NDR Big Band.

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Lathyrus is a chamber jazz quartet. The music is a symbiosis of jazz and classical music. The compositions are in English and Latvian, giving the music a folk-like atmosphere. In October 2021 under the Label "Tonkunstmanufaktur" Lathyrus released their Debut Album "On the Brink of Light".

Monta Tupčijenko - voice, compositions

Ruven Weithöner - trumpet, flugelhorn

Conrad Noll - cello

Max Brackmann - piano

Snow Covered Trees

© Lucas Coersten

© Lucas Coersten

"On the Brink of Light"

Lathyrus debut album,

released in October 2021,

is now available on all platforms.


An original composition recorded live

at Bürgermeisterhaus Essen in 2021.

Played by Lathyrus.

© Lucas Coersten

Monta Tupčijenko Large Ensemble

The music, composed for a large ensemble, is inspired

by poems of Maya Angelou.

The program was written for the final concert of my

Bachelor studies in 2022.

Compositions, vocals - Monta Tupčijenko

Vocals - Mariann Shaguroff, Anna Veronika Hargitai,

Anna Galchenko, Franziska Boeck, Sophia Hufschmidt

Strings - Sung Mi Marina Kim, Katharina Koch, Sara Halbach, Tabea Hörsch

Horns - Ruven Weithöner, Kristof Dömötör, Michele Schiatti, Paul Lüpfert, Leon Dehne

Rhythm Section - Raphael Zapp, Conrad Noll, Jonas Grätzer

Music Lessons

© Ieva Andrupe

Vocal Lessons

⎼ Vocal Technique

⎼ Different stylistics (jazz, pop, rock)

⎼ Improvisation

⎼ Stage Presence

⎼ Band Coaching

⎼ Coaching during the recording sessions

Piano Lessons

⎼ Basics

⎼ Accompaniment

⎼ Technique

⎼ Classical, Pop, Jazz Music

© Klinta Kalneja

Composition & Theory

⎼ Arrangement

⎼ Lyric Writing

⎼ Music Theory

⎼ Ear Training

© Klinta Kalneja




Mar 27th, 8PM

Subway Jazz Orchestra

Apr 11th-13th


Apr 23rd, 8PM

Vocalights at “Feminale” festival

Oct 21-27th

BJJO Project “Spot on Female/Flinta Composers”

Nov 13th, 7.30 PM

HfMT Bigband feat. Monta Tupčijenko

Nov 14th, 7.30 PM

HfMT Bigband feat. Monta Tupčijenko

Dec 16th-18th

Recording with NDR Bigband

NDR , Hamburg



Mar 1st, 8 PM

Romy Camerun Students' Concert

Jun 16th, 6 PM

RMS Students' Concert

Jul 1st, 9 PM

Monta Tupčijenko Group

Jul 6th, 9 PM

Monta Tupčijenko Group

Sept 3rd, 4 PM

Soundfabrik Cover Band

Stadtfest Rösrath

Sept 30th, 12 PM

Monta Tupčijenko

Stadtfest Langenfeld

Nov 22nd, 8.30 PM


Nov 25th, 7.30 PM

Kalle Kalima Large Ensemble

Dec 6th, 8.00 PM

Jazzkombinat Hamburg

Dec 10th, 8.30 PM


Mar 2nd, 8 PM

Romy Camerun Students' Concert

Mar 5th, 8.30 PM


May 20th, 6 PM

Folkwang Jazz Orchestra

May 21st, 8.30 PM

Folkwang Jazz Orchestra

Jul 15th, 8 PM

Monta Tupčijenko Large Ensemble

Aug 26th, 7 PM


Aug 27th, 7 PM


Dec 4th, 6 PM


Dec 26th, 12 AM


Monta Tupčijenko



+49 15787903729

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